About the Farm


Three Fruits and a Veggie Farm  started as a dream, a “what if” scenario. What if we had some land? And what if we grew plants on our land in a way that integrated nature instead of harming it? And what if our land was a place where people came together to learn, to connect with nature and to experience a sense of community? What if?!

After several years of planning, we decided to uproot our lives and head to the country for a new way of living. In February of 2013 we closed the deal on 40 acres and a dream.

We’re just getting started but we have a definite vision for the future. First and foremost we want to honor the land in all that we do and we want to invite others to share in the beauty of what nature can provide. Nature is healing. And so is community. With this in mind, here’s a glimpse of what we hope to build:

A Permaculture Farm: We’re currently working with Green Country Permaculture to design and establish an organic permaculture farming method. There are only a few farms in Oklahoma that have adopted this method but we’re hoping to spread the word about its benefits. Permaculture is a sustainable way of growing food and other plants that integrates the existing habitat. It mimics the way plants prefer to grow (in layers rather than rows) and utilizes the natural topography for water catchment. It’s an exciting development for sustainable agriculture! Keep an eye on our blog for more information.

A Community Gathering Space:  Located just 40 minutes from Tulsa, we’re not too far and not too close. Our goal is for the farm to be a place where people can connect to nature, connect to their food source and connect to each other. To us “community” is a big deal. Eventually we hope to have a children’s garden, nature trails and possibly even a couple of yurts for those who want to stay over. Although some renovation is necessary, we hope our barn will soon be an inviting gathering space. We’ll have farm-to-table dinners, live music, tastings, retreats and classes. Even if we don’t have events planned, we hope you’ll feel comfortable driving out for a visit or a walk.

A Place to Learn and Grow:  If we could get one message out there, it would be that honoring nature, practicing sustainability and eating healthy, whole foods are not daunting tasks. They’re fulfilling practices and very important ones at that. If we each slow down and make a few changes in our lives in whatever way we can – we have the ability to change the world (we really believe that!). We’re looking forward to offering affordable workshops, classes and retreats in areas such as sustainable building practices, permaculture methods, organic gardening, herbs, natural health and other holistic living practices.

This is our vision for the future. We’re just getting started but we have high hopes for what we can build.  Meanwhile, you can find us at local markets selling heirloom veggies and seeds. For more information, check out our What’s for Sale page.

You can track our progress through our blog and learn more about our family on our Family Page.